Business Plans

Our mission is to help our clients develop a competitive advantage by delivering fresh and contemporary business expertise – including business plans for any type of business – in every deliverable and client interaction we have. The client service specialists at FlagShip are a select team of consultants with the most up to date research in business development and strategy. We continually strive to professionally serve our clients by utilizing our combined knowledge, and turning it into a “key to success” for each and all of our clients.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “Creating a business plan is one of the most important steps you will take because the plan serves as your road map for the early years of your business.”

In order to grow or start a business of your dreams, it could cost thousands if not millions of dollars. The first reason to have a business plan is to use it as a fund-raising tool. Whether you are pitching your idea to VC’s, angel investors, banks, friends or family, a business plan is a road map to help investors understand why your idea will be a worth-while investment.

Raising money is not the only reason why you should have a business plan. Business planning is also important because it will help you to monitor the progress of your company, and easily analyze changes to your company or the marketplace as a whole. It’s a goal-setting tactic that expands your vision, and provides a progress track. Writing down ideas and strategies allows you to analyze the decisions you have made and will be making for your company as well as help you to stay on the intended path throughout the process.

At FlagShip, our team is committed to helping you launch your vision and create a competitive advantage. FlagShip will do an in depth analysis of your business ideas, and help you position your business for success. Our team of young business professionals have diverse backgrounds – finance, accounting, marketing, management, technology, etc. – that create synergy for the tasks at hand, whether it is financial planning, market analysis, staffing recommendations, etc. When the customer service consultants at FlagShip are chosen to write a business plan, they become committed members of your team. FlagShip is here to help you launch your vision.


We provide success-driven business plans that will create an exponential impact on your business. We offer planning for a variety of industries and all types of businesses. Our team collaborates on every business plan, bringing a variety of fresh perspectives to the table, enabling you to communicate your business’s vision to banks and investors.

Business plans are not only written in order to gain funding, but also to provide a written road map for your company’s future. Business plans help executives and entrepreneurs make strategic decisions and prepare for the future. Business plans usually include sections related to an internal and external analysis showing the position of your firm – both where you are now and where you want to go.

Unlike us, many online business plan developers and software packages provide nothing more than a cookie cutter template where one size fits all – but isn’t that foolish? Every business is different, so each business should have its own, tailor-made plan. At FlagShip, we draft each plan to the individual needs of each of our diverse clients. Is that harder to do? You bet – but nothing good ever came from taking the easy route, and we want to make sure that your plan is a good one.

“The team was great to work with! You were all very efficient and got things done in a timely, organized, and professional manner. We will definitely recommend your services to others in the future!”

– Fancy Bird Clothing Design