Educational Consulting

 How do we help students?

We help you find an elite US school that fits your academic needs & desires, and provides you with the opportunities that you seek.

We provide accommodation solutions and help you find comfortable housing near your school.

We provide tutoring, to help you get better grades.

We provide stress-free arrival as we will meet you at the airport and take you to your housing.

We help you to settle in (opening a bank account, getting a cellphone, getting valid insurance, etc.), and accompany you to new student registration and orientation.

Thereafter, our coordinator will visit you on a monthly basis, and keep close contact with your school.

We even help you arrange for a physical exam each year, and we have a a 24 hour a day, active emergency hotline to help you.

We also help you to make new friends by arranging activities for all of our students at least once a semester. Students can meet up and make friends with international students from other schools! We take our students to visit museums and libraries. We partner with churches and other non-profit organizations in order to provide volunteer and community service opportunities to our students.

Our Service​

Flagship Educational Consulting is a Pennsylvania-based, full service educational consulting firm serving American schools and international students all around the world. We partner with a large number of elite private high schools, private middle schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States, helping international students and their families, especially those from my home country of China, find wonderful and rewarding educational opportunities in the US.

Flagship helps both the foreign student and the American schools.

We help elite American schools by marketing their valuable educational opportunities to, and building brand name awareness by, our foreign students. Basically, we are a catalyst helping to connect students from all over the world with your fine school.

We help foreign students in many ways, too, including connecting them with our elite partner schools, providing admissions assistance, and – after they are accepted into and enroll in their elite school of choice – we provide year-round support for each of our foreign students.

Coming to the US from around the world is not easy, but you will not be alone as we will be here to help you throughout your academic stay. Our well-rounded assistance to international students includes supplementing your school’s education with such things as adaption training, tutoring and college consulting. And we not only help to place you in a fine American school, but we help you to find comfortable housing, too.

We strive to constantly improve our service to both foreign students and elite American schools. We have two goals: (1) to improve the quality of education international students receive in the United States by supporting both the schools and the students, and (2) to promote cultural exchange and diversity at American schools and campuses.